Warne 20moa Extnd Skeleton 1" Blk
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Warne Scope Mounts

Warne 20moa Extnd Skeleton 1" Blk

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About this product

The LR-SKEL Mount offers 20 MOA built-in slope for long range precision shooting. This allows additional elevation adjustment in your optic when shooting ranges over 600 yards. The LR-SKEL Mount is CNC precision machined from 6061 aluminum and weve been able to reduce the weight by over 30%" compared to our R.A.M.P. Mount by utilizing a skeletonized body and ring caps. The LR-SKEL provides an additional inch of forward cantilever, compared to the original SKEL Mount to provide proper eye relief when using scopes with large eye boxes and gives extra space behind the mount for accessories like the Warne A645 45 degree side mount adapter.

Features :
  • 20 MOA built-in for precision long range adjustments
  • ,Lightweight, skeletonized aluminum body and caps"
  • #8 Torx fasteners with steel threaded inserts