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Red Dot Buying Guide

Red Dot Sight Guide

Red Dot optical sights are telescopic sights that are attached to a rifle or a handgun to ensure proper aim when shooting a target. They project a red dot in the center of the optical tube where you would get the crosshairs in a normal conventional telescope. Conventional red dot optical sights will have knobs that can be wound to adjust the elevation of the sight. They normally come with mounts and rings for clamping onto conventional scope bases on rifles and handguns. The number of companies that market and provide red dot sights has grown over the years. There is a growing demand for these scopes for various purposes that include hunting, sport shooting and used by military and law enforcement.

When buying a red dot optical sights there are certain parameters you should be able to confirm to make sure you have the best red dot scope for your particular need:


Optical considerations include the type and quality of optical lens used the design of the eyepiece, the elements incorporated to improve sharpness and contrast. The level of magnification is probably the prime consideration. The higher the magnification level, the dimmer the image but the target is much clear. The magnification level can be adjusted based on the type of red dot scope you are using. A scope with variable magnification allows you to change the magnification from a lower value to a higher value like 4x-12x.

When buying a red dot scope, make sure you understand how the magnification will affect things like a field of vision, depth and chromatic anomalies. The rule is that a higher magnification can have a negative impact as far as those things are concerned. Magnification also determines the size and weight of the red dot scope. This does not mean red dot optical sights with high magnifications are bad; in this case, magnification is mentioned to help advice novices who might think a high power magnification scope is the best because it is not suitable for everybody.

Lens diameter

The front lens is another important consideration. The diameter of a lens controls the amount of light that passes through. The diameter of a lens is an indication of how much light the scope can allow to pass. This diameter is also related to the magnification power of the red dot scope. The higher magnification will result in the dimmer and smaller the view.

Mechanical considerations

Mechanical considerations include the material used to construct the optical tube, the mounting of reticules and accuracy of elevation adjustments to withstand repeated recoils each time a gun is fired.

Brand quality

With so many brand names in the market, quality and adaptability have become important. Brands like Eotech and Aimpoint are popular with military and law enforcement agencies, but these brands also carry lines designed specifically for sports shooters. Aimpoint and Eotech used in sports shooting are popular because they are more accurate, light and easy to carry. Aimpoint has the best red dot optical sights for competitive shooting. The field view on the Aimpoint red dot scope, and because sports shooting often occur in daylight, your view with an Aimpoint will not be affected. It is one of those accessories that enable users a chance to work without needing to think too much about it.

Sport shooters, game hunters and anyone who aims a gun to shoot something have no time to spend worrying about technical issues. Aimpoint's sight device will remain aligned with the shooter's eyes, which means the focal point will still remain the same. Aimpoint and Eotech are considered to be premium brands in the category of non-magnified optics designed to be used in close quarters. These two can be used at a distance as far as 25 yards. These red dot optical sights are made with the best materials and have superior finishing. They can be used in all kinds' of weathers and are fitted with waterproofed internal rings.

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