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MDS Optics Urges Top Quality Rifle Scopes For Successful Hunting This Year

Demand for hunting gear on the increase and having the right equipment can make all the difference reports MDS Optics.

— Industry statistics report 12.5 million Americans participate in the sport of hunting every year, spending approximately 22.9 billion dollars a year on hunting trips. 10.7 million of the hunters participate in big game hunting yearly, putting the need for rifles, scopes and other gear in much demand. According to Richard Mockelman, spokesperson for MDS Optics, having the right gear at the crucial moment can make all the difference in success and failure.

“Owing the right equipment helps you stay out in the field longer, hunt more diligently and will yield more opportunities for success.” Says Mockelman. He goes on to recommend much of a hunting equipment budget go to the best rifle scopes and binoculars for sale one can afford. He explains, saying, “Successful hunting will never happen if you can’t locate your target effectively. Whether it’s dear, elk or the common grizzly bear, a compact rifle scope can come in handy to make your target appear closer and ensure the shot is successful.”

Mockelman advises hunter when shopping for scopes, “You will always get what you pay for. While it’s tempting to go after the least expensive scope, you’ll fare far better if you shop sales of quality scopes rather than going for a lesser quality scope overall. The selection available today is more than ever before, but this is a good situation for consumers. Competition helps drive costs down and there is truly something for every budget. For those looking to save money, ordering online and finding a supplier who can provide free shipping is also a good idea.”

Offering advice on picking a scope, Mockelman says, “If you are shopping for a scope, look for one that will be rugged, light and have a high optical quality. If you have to place one criteria over another, go with ruggedness. If the scope cannot handle your rifel’s recoil, it’s going to be such a waste of money. If you can afford the best, choose one with impacts up to 1,000 Gs. Also, look for a weatherproof scope that can withstand fog and rain.”

Mockelman goes on to say, “If your subject is medium or large size animals, choose a variable magnification scope, as it will let the hunter set the power zoom to a lower setting for faster targeting. Then, change to a high power zoom for accuracy.”

About MDS Optics:
MDS Optics is an online source for low prices on rifle scopes, binoculars, night vision, spotting scopes, reloading equipment, shooting accessories and outdoors gear. With an easy to browse online optics and outdoor stores, they offer competitive prices on brand name rifle scopes

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Giving the Customer a Square Deal

March 8, 2016 - MDS Optics announces discounts for its top quality riflescopes. The company is known for stocking scopes made by brands like Bushnell, Redfield and Leupold. MDS Optics sells hunting riflescopes as well as military and tactical ones. Through MDS Optics, Leupold discount scopes come in different sizes and styles. The product is also available with handy and user-friendly features. Scope features like the external lens coating make the item scratch resistant while edge blackened lenses decrease glare for better contrast and resolution. The restyled power selector is easy to manipulate even when a person is using it with gloved hands.

About Leupold

For the best in hunting and shooting scopes, sportsmen will appreciate owning a Leupold brand product. Leupold designs, manufactures and forms its scopes in America. The company’s Golden Ring Lifetime Guarantee comes with every scope, and with this assurance in place, Leupold promises that if one of its scopes fails to perform as expected, then the company will make it right by fixing it or replacing it.

Fred Leupold established the business in 1907. He began by restoring the optical equipment on surveying equipment. Throughout the years, Leopold shifted its focus into manufacturing high-performance scopes and accessories.

For Today’s Sportsmen

With Leupold discount scopes, hunters will find it easier to own a quality scope that they can count on. Fred Leupold believed in delivering a product that people could trust. He said, “We solemnly promise never to let down on quality. The customer is entitled to a square deal.” For today’s best deals on riflescopes, visit