Night Vision Buying Guide

Guide to Buying Night Vision Goggles

Night vision goggles also known as a night vision device or night optical device have been around since the second world war and used mostly by the military.

Insight of Night Vision Devices?

First let's discuss how night vision devices work so you can better decide, which one will fit your purpose. You might be thinking how can it possibly work like in the movies. When in actual fact it does work like that and you can see a person standing 200 feet away on a moonless and cloudy night. Night optical devices work through two different enhancement processes. The first is an image enhancement process that collects light at low levels in the smallest proportions and of the lower end of the infrared spectrum. By doing this the device can enhance and amplify the image being seen. The second technology is thermal imaging which is capturing images through their thermal or heat emitting light particles. Different quality devices capture more or less of these light spectrums and can provide either a clearer or duller picture. Whether for hunting, night exploration, night target shooting, or for paramilitary exercises at night one of the four types of devices will fit your needs.

Different Uses

The different uses for night vision devices include: observing nocturnal wildlife, night hunting or fishing, nighttime boating, neighborhood watch programs, professional security, camping, ghost hunting,  paranormal activity, search and rescue operations. Through the different descriptions below you should be up to tell which product you will need to serve your purpose properly. Night vision goggles typically are worn on the head or attached to a helmet, and are good for hunting at night, military type missions in the dark, or when you need your hands-free. They are best used for close range shooting and exploration. Generally the use of the monocular night vision device is used in situations when night goggles can impair your peripheral vision. Also they are lightweight and can be used with one hand, and have a neck strap for wearing around your neck. Night vision binoculars are generally used by less experienced night vision wears, or in situations where you do not need the scope for active shooting. Binoculars tend to tire the eyes less and provide better depth perception, making long forays in the dark easier to navigate and manage. Night vision rifle scopes on the other hand provide a hands-free option for nighttime target shooting. If you need to have night vision for hunting and long-distance shooting than a rifle scope will meet your needs.

Now that you have a better understanding of night vision devices and their different uses you will be able to choose the proper product to fit your specific need. Whether it is for casual personal use, such as camping or nighttime wildlife viewing or paramilitary exercises night vision devices will keep you apprised of your situation in any levels of light. Keep in mind your specific activity whether you need two hands or one or possibly even hands-free as well as if you need a short-range device or a long-range device. Also remember that some require more experience than others.DescriptionThis article describes how night vision devices operate, what are the different types of night vision devices, and how each device may be used for different activities. Whether you are casual or experienced user of night vision devices this article will help you decide which category of the four different devices will meet your needs.

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