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Hornady Hornady - One Shot Gun Cleaner - 10oz


Hornady - One Shot Gun Cleaner - 10oz

Hornady Manufacture ID: 99901

Hornady One Shot Gun Cleaner with Dyna Glide Plus reduces friction, cleans grit, grime, old oil and gunk from firearms, loaders and loading tools. It leaves behind a thin, dry lube that's impervious to heat, cold or buildup. One Shot DynaGlide Dry film technology has 6x more than the load carrying capacity of the US Military and NATO required specifications. Barrel leading is significantly reduced, and easy to remove with the micro penetrating solvents. The high load carrying capacity reduces heat buildup and wear and tear of compressed moving parts.

The dry film advantages do more than simply reduce gunk and residue build up that wet lubricants contribute to, including all weather and temperature extremes, they also prevent corrosion and rust conditions often set in motion by wet alternative lubricants and corrosion inhibitors. The two separate corrosion inhibitor formulas added to One Shot DynaGlide dry film are two 2X times more (200hr.) than the minimum salt spray required specifications of the US and NATO Military. One Shot Gun Cleaner and Lube is a true one-step cleaner & lube, that cleans/removes Cosmoline, Greases, oils, lead, conditions new metals, and lubricates in One Shot.


- Cleans and Dry Lubes in One Shot with no Oily Mess
- Excellent Micro Cleaning Solvent Including Leading
- Odorless After Application
- Size: 10 oz Aerosol

Hornady - One Shot Gun Cleaner - 10oz

  Hornady - One Shot Gun Cleaner - 10oz Rebate
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Hornady - One Shot Gun Cleaner - 10oz


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  • Manufactured by: Hornady
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