Pkmyr Mag Sleeve For Glk 26 To 17
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Pkmyr Mag Sleeve For Glk 26 To 17

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About this product

Pachmayr Mag Sleeves adapt full-size magazines for use with compact handguns in many popular models. Mag Sleeves allow you greater shooting capability by increasing the guns grip size and capacity with additional rounds. Carry your compact pistol with a standard magazine when concealment is important, or insert a high capacity magazine fitted with your Pachmayr Mag Sleeve when the situation calls for it. Mag Sleeves simply slide over the magazine and fit securely in place. Improve the handling and performance of compact handguns with Pachmayr Mag Sleeves.

Features :
  • Increased Grip Size
  • Improved Handling
  • Higher Capacity
  • Adapts Full-Size Magazines for Use in Compact Handguns