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A true blue firearms hobbyist will always be on the lookout for machineries, equipment and gadgets that would help to maintain and enhance the performance of their pistols, rifles and other types of firearms. Hornady is a well-known manufacturer and seller of excellent firearms, accessories and reloading equipment.

Whether you are a collector, a hunter or a mainstay at the firing range, you definitely need a Hornady lock and load - which is an auto-progressive press, designed for reloading bullets at a more efficient and faster level.

What Benefits Can You Get From Hornady Lock and Load?

  • Quick Gunpowder Change - this reloading press offers several inserts for "quick-change" metering, which means that you can change from one powder to the next without any difficulties. With just a single push of a button, you can "lock and load" bullets to a tee.
  • User Friendly - It is definitely frustrating to try to load bullet casings manually, this is the reason why using an automatic reloading equipment will help make the process easier and a lot faster. Since this five-station press is automatic, you can switch and check dies, measure powder, seat bullets, and even start crimping dies, using one advanced tool.
  • Precision is a guarantee - without the precise powder and die measurement, you can bet that your bullet either will be a flop or will misfire. To avoid these mishaps, you have to use reliable equipment that would accurately measure and read reloading data without fail.
  • Fast and Reliable - again manual labor can be discouraging especially for those who would like to practice their shooting accuracy with unlimited number of bullets. With this new technology, you can change and press casings at a rate of 500 rounds per hour!

With the Hornady Lock and Load reloading press, you will surely make your hobby a little more interesting and stress free. Hornady ensures safety, precision and quality using single equipment.

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